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Travel all the way to the northern hemisphere of the world located in between Europe and Australia and you will find yourself lost in the mystical world of the largest and most diverse continent on earth. With a guaranteed long "to-do" list to say the least, and hundreds of sites to see, Asia is one of the most incredible and culturally appetizing places to visit on earth. It is a must see for anyone who has the chance.

With magnificent destinations like Bali, Indonesia, Tokyo, Japan, and the Islands of Thailand, Asia is one of the most exotic and distinct travel destinations you could ever choose. Experience a modern city like Singapore, known for its shopping, amazing food, and unique blend of many cultures. Make your way to Thailand, whose islands are among the most beautiful in the world compiled with white sand, and isolated tranquility and serenity. If you have an appetite to fascinating heritage, you have found your destination in Cambodia, and for those desiring a romantic and incredible getaway the magical island of Bali awaits. Take a trip to the smallest and wealthiest part of Asia and experience hippie culture, modern feel, and luxury in every corner in Goa, India. Last but not least find yourself in the mystical and bustling city of Tokyo. With state of the art technology, and the world’s largest metropolitan economy a trip to Tokyo will provide with an experience that feels like a dream.

Asia is jam packed with top of the line tourist destinations that provide luxury, mystery, romance, modern technology, and the world’s most innovative cultures all on one continent. To travel the whole area would take months and to soak up all of the culture it has to offer, years, but one guarantee is that a trip to Asia will be one of the most unforgettable times of your life. No matter what time of year you chose to holiday to this part of the world you are in store for a magical and mystical getaway unlike any other you’ve ever experienced!