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Canada Vacation Home & House Rentals - Specials, Discounts & Pet Friendly Rentals

As North America's largest country, Canada boasts world famous cities, enriched culture, stunning scenery, historical landmarks, pristine mountains and much more. With so many amazing things that Canada has to offer, it's no surprise that this country happens to be a vacation destination to millions of travelers from all around the world. The list of things to do and see during a trip to Canada is endless. While Canada has so many amazing destinations from coast to coast that it may be tough to choose just one, nonetheless, choosing to rent a private vacation home, cottage, or cabin is definitely the way to go. Avoid the pricey hotel rooms and give yourself more space, amenities, and privacy. Allow yourself to travel with comfort, relaxation and ease. Whether it's a romantic getaway, family vacation or last minute trip with friends, there are more than enough choices of luxurious vacation homes to choose from. Not only will you get to choose the desired location of your vacation home, but you can also take your pick of loads of luxurious amenities that are sure to please you! With the combination of location, comfort and luxury that your rental property will provide, with the amazing things that you'll get to see and do during your trip, be ready to have a trip that is sure to exceed your wildest dreams!