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Italy Vacation Rentals

Italy is known as the land of food and wine. Many people have put a trip to Italy on their bucket list for a must visit. Italy is a country in Southern Europe and is acknowledged as the birthplace of Western culture. Worldly famous monuments and high art are found everywhere around the country. Travelers from all parts of the world are attracted to Italy just to sightsee and take in the history. There are so many different and fun activities to do while in Italy! Visit the vineyards, Italy is famous for wine, and there are many vineyards throughout the beautiful countryside offering organized tours and tasting, or take a chartered sailing tour and see and experience Italy from the water. And be sure to take in all the wonderful cuisine! A few popular cities of interest for travelers are Rome, Naples, and Sardinia. Rome, the city of romance, is the capital of Italy along with the most widely known city partly because of its attractions, food, architecture and history. The City of Rome is simply rich with heritage and has such a cosmopolitan atmosphere that it's no doubt it is one of Europe's and the worlds most visited capitals. Naples, much like Rome, is also one of the largest historical cities in the world. The iconic sight of the Gulf of Naples is one of the most recognized images of Italy. Naples is becoming increasingly popular with the younger generation of both natives and visitors. Because of this, Naples is increasingly gaining more of a metropolitan nightlife. Be sure to visit the gulf of Naples and enjoy a day by the sea with rich dark blue water. Sardinia is a large island in the Tyrrhenian Sea to the west of Italy, and is mostly celebrated for its nature including beaches, the sea, and mountains. The climate is much like that of Mediterranean and most people generally spend the majority of time vising the beaches and partaking in water activities than the inland areas, but people do explore the mountain for hiking and skiing in the winter.