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Travel all the way to the far western strip of the Atlantic coast of Brazil and you can find the booming city of Rio de Janeiro or what’s most commonly referred to as "Rio." Serving as the top notch and most popular tourist city in Brazil Rio is home to a modern outlook and progressive culture.

Rio De Janeiro never fails to impress anyone who travels to the city with its overwhelming presence of beauty as you turn every corner. From the Sugarloaf Mountains to the absolutely marvelous botanical gardens, Rio is arguably one of the most beautiful and desirable parts of Brazil. Its stimulating coastline is home to miles and miles of pristine beaches and crystal blue waters. Visitors on the beach can indulge in dozens of water activities, play beach soccer, soak up the endless sun or dance in one of the clubs and restaurants that line the shoreline until the early morning hours. Rio is known as a city that never sleeps, their culture loves music and dancing and they welcome visitors from all over the world who share their love of the same pass times.

Site seeing and city tours are the perfect way to walk off your intake of food and fun from the night before. These tours offer up a new way to see Rio directly from the native people that inhabit the area. They can provide you with tips on the best ways to get around, the best places to eat, and the hundreds of hidden gems located all around Rio. Day trips allow you to get away from the hustle and bustle and rejuvenate yourself without straying too far from Rio. If you love to be on the water, these day trips and site seeing excursions are also available via half-day or full day cruises. The only problem you will have while vacationing along the coast of Brazil is allotting yourself enough time to do it. Rio de Janeiro offers everything you could ask for in a getaway and more.