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Oceania, one of the smallest regions in the world is a scenic area of tropical paradise surrounded by crystal Blue Ocean. The area of land lies between Asia and the Americas. Their major land mass is made up of the beautiful Australia followed by New Zealand, Micronesia, Melanesia, and Polynesia. A trip to Oceania is like a trip to paradise! The region is surrounded by the warmest part of the Pacific and is made up of a range of landscapes from tropical rainforests, arid deserts, volcanoes and even dry grasslands. There is no shortage of options here for sites to see.

If its explosive adventure you are in search of, look no further! Oceania consists of about 25,000 volcanic tropical islands! All together these islands make up the countries listed above. Some of the islands are densely populated while others are completely uninhabited. You can choose to spend in your stay in the iconic city of Sydney and explore the fabulous land of Australia, travel to the sports mecca know as New Zealand for days filled with things like whale watching, white water rafting, and even swimming with sharks. Or take a trip to the islands of eastern Oceania, a steamy paradise home to white sand beaches, swinging palm trees, and snorkeling trips that will leave you breathless!

The islands of Fiji are another attractive vacation destination located in the Oceania region. These romantic some 300 islands are the perfect place to set your sites on for a romantic getaway, or even your honeymoon. A trip to Oceania offers endless possibilities and endless amounts of culture and experiences that will definitely provide you with a once in a lifetime vacation experience. Seeing it all in one trip is next to impossible, you will have to come back for more…and we hope you do!