Orlando, Florida

Vacationing in Orlando with kids

Heading to Orlando with your kids? Here are a few tips to make your trip as carefree and fun as possible!

  1. Make reservations in advance - Even if it is just for a quick dinner, it may make sense to make a reservation to reduce waiting time. After the kids have run all over Orlando for the day, they will not want to wait to eat dinner. If you plan to go to Walt Disney World and eat with a character, most likely you should make reservations months in advance.

  2. Purchase tickets in advance - You can often save time and money if you purchase park tickets online or through an agent before you even arrive in Orlando.

  3. Find a mobile app for the area - People don’t call them "smart phones" for nothing! Downloading an app on your smart phone for the area will keep you apprised of the latest happenings, area weather, and even the closest restroom. You can make dinner reservations, check your email, and upload pictures of your family having the time of their lives, right from the palm of your hand.

  4. Know the shuttle schedules - If you are staying at a resort that provides shuttle service, be certain to know what time the shuttles stop running at night so you are not stuck trying to hail a taxi cab with a few sleeping or screaming children in your arms.

  5. Set a "find me" plan - Be sure that you set a place to meet up in the event that a family member gets separated from your group. Children should know their names, their parent names, a contact number, and to whom they should approach for assistance.

  6. Bring snacks - Although there are a lot of places to grab a quick snack, when your 3 year old is hungry, she wants a snack NOW! No matter if you are on a shuttle bus, on the "It’s a Small World" ride, or sitting by the pool, be prepared with a snack and some water. Staying hydrated is crucial for comfort while in the Orlando heat.

  7. Play "weatherman" - Check the weather each morning and pack your daily bag appropriately. If there is a chance of rain, pack a poncho or umbrella because you don’t want to get caught in that "chance" with no supplies. The sun in Orlando is fairly intense so applying sunscreen before you leave the house and bringing sunscreen with you is always a good idea.

  8. Wear comfortable clothing - From the shoes on your feet to the shirt on your back, make sure it is comfortable. You will be walking, sitting, riding, eating, etc. all day and won’t have much opportunity to make a quick stop back to your vacation rental to change. Little kids especially, will benefit from parents bringing them an extra set of clothes.

You, obviously, can not plan for every situation, however taking the time to plan ahead can save you a lot of headaches. After all, it's your vacation too!

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